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LMP. CNA,PHLEB, Esthetician
Massage should not only be affordable
but it should be therapeutic and affordable for everybody. I will do my best to accommodate most any budget for good care.
- Be Well.
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first time Facial


2 Hour Pampering service $80
Massage and SPA Facial
For New customers only
one hour massage for $40

week days only

Massage rates

week days 50 weekend massage 60

Facial Upgrade



$10 each

Open weekends

must call

For special deals

Deep Tissue

This is similar to Swedish massage, but goes a little deeper to release chronic muscle tension. The focus is on muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia surrounding muscles, bones, and joints. This helps with relaxation and chronic pain.

Pregnancy Therapy

This focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as the body changes. Shifts within your center may result in tension and pain. Massage will give relief to the neck, low-back and hips to enhance circulation and reduce swelling.

Injury Relief

Helping the body reduce any chance of further injury by improving range of motion and muscle flexibility is something I do best. I can help shorten recovery time and maximize oxygen through increased blood flow.


Energy Healing

Energy work is an effective bodywork, it is as ancient as healing itself. I seek to maintain balance and help the body in the capacity to heal itself. Energy healing seeks to restore and promote health and wellness.